Full-stack application development and integration solutions.

Enhance Business Productivity Through Streamlined Apps

As a business, you've got some very unique challenges to meet head-on, but trying to make off-the-shelf software suit your needs is getting you nowhere, fast. Premium custom application development and integration services from AO Tech can help meet your needs.

We leverage a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise gained over the course of hundreds of successful application development and deployment engagements to deliver flexible business apps that meet even the toughest federal requirements.

Alpha Omega Technologies offers clear advantages in application development:
  • Unmatched technology knowledge and strategic thinking.
  • Elegantly designed, highly effective software.
  • Fast, efficient development that meets or beats your time-to-market deadlines.
  • Lower total costs over the lifecycle of your software.
Our expert app dev team utilizes an array of industry-leading tools to manage and execute the entirety of your application development project, from start to finish, including comprehensive staff training programs and long-term support or maintenance.
  1. Analyze your requirements and specifications.
  2. Evaluate and design the application architecture.
  3. Complete detailed design and coding.
  4. Test all units and components.
  5. Test the system and perform comprehensive software quality assurance.
  6. Install and deploy the application.
  7. Provide onsite training and support.

Business applications allow you to diversify how you do business and simplify your task management. Let us help you knock it out of the park.

Software Engineering & Development

Software can range from in-browser applications to a static program on your business server, but no matter what role it plays, it is essential to your business development and longevity. As masters of all major coding languages, the tech geniuses at AO Tech are well-versed in custom software engineering and development, especially for large, high-security organizations.

Leveraging in-depth expertise, top-tier technology, and an agile approach, our team will help you concept, design, and launch the ideal software solution to suit your needs, whether internal or client-facing, to further your long-term business goals.

Software Reverse Engineering

Have you been coveting that shiny new application or internal software process that your competitor has been using lately? We can help reverse engineer and perfect a business application based on what your competition is using to help you gain an edge in the market.

No matter how simplistic or complex the software may be, our technical team can analyze and replicate the core elements of your ideal application or software down to the smallest line of code to deliver a streamlined piece of software unique to your business.

Prototype & Proof of Concept

Do you have a groundbreaking idea for a business application but aren’t quite sure how viable it may be in the real world? Our proof of concept (POC) and prototyping solutions can help determine whether your idea is worth the time and effort required to bring it to life.

We will use our considerable experience and agile principles to analyze your idea, work out any potential early setbacks, and deliver a robust prototype or proof of concept to you and your Board of Directors. You’ll receive direct access to all available documentation throughout the prototyping and proofing process.

Data Visualization

The easiest way to communicate something is to show rather than tell. Data visualization is a great way to keep everyone within your company up to date on the current state of internal processes and external factors.

At AO Tech, we will design and develop data visualization software tailored directly to your unique business needs to ensure that you are getting the full picture.

Data Analytics

Your organization creates terabytes of data daily but sometimes understanding that data is easier said than done. Getting an information-packed snapshot can help you get a good idea of your business health and make informed decisions based on the data analytics provided.

Our software engineers can review your current data points, determine what type of information needs to be relayed and how it should be viewed and develop the perfect data analytics application to serve your internal business problem-solving needs more efficiently.