Expert cyber security software and solutions for high-level resource protection.

Never Let Your Business Data Be Vulnerable Again

Running a business in the digital world presents more dangers than simply being in the green at the end of the day. The cybersecurity landscape has changed significantly over the years, opening more doors for hackers and ill-meaning users, but advanced cyber security solutions from AO Tech can help.

In this day and age, a security breach is a very real threat, but most businesses neglect to implement security measures because they believe that they are immune to hacking. The reality is that every organization is vulnerable and a breach can cause lasting damage to your business.

With a wealth of experience in delivering high-level data protection and integration solutions to government organizations and commercial businesses alike. At Alpha Omega Technologies, we strive to protect your resources, employees and business-critical data without disrupting your workflow processes or overall efficiency.

We utilize a combination of top-of-the-line cyber security technology and a unique hands-on approach to secure your assets from day one.
  • Protect your digital and physical resources.
  • Reduce financial and public relations risk.
  • Avoid potential fines for security lapses.
Our technical team will help develop the perfect cyber security measures to safeguard your business from all angles through an ironclad infrastructure, protective software, and expert support.
  1. Assess your current cyber security protocols and software.
  2. Evaluate the overall security requirements and potential risks.
  3. Develop and implement a tailored cyber security solution.
  4. Troubleshoot the system for continuity and reliability.
  5. Provide onsite training and analytics support.

Protecting your business and enabling growth must start somewhere.
Let the expert cyber security solutions from AO Tech get you started.

Secure Software Engineering

An application is only as secure as its code, and many modern hackers understand that they must attack a software system at its core. Fortunately, secure software engineering solutions can help nip hackers in the bud by giving them fewer openings to pry into.

The technical team at AO Tech will work to determine potential threat models when developing your software and implement appropriate security measures within the application itself to deter potential hackers.

Information Assurance (IA)

A large part of running a successful and thriving business is managing potential risks and vulnerabilities within your infrastructure, digital or otherwise. Alpha Omega Tech helps you assess and manage risks in real time with premium information assurance service and support.

The expert technical team at Alpha Omega Tech will help transmit the right information to the right people at the perfect time to influence smart decision-making through IA software and support. Our processes directly assess and manage any potential risks related to the use and management of your internal information technology.

Supply Chain Integrity Management

A business supply chain is a living, breathing organism and is often far more complex than anticipated. However, integrated supply chain management software and services can help you handle everything in one simple dashboard.

From supply audits to product traceability, the team at Alpha Omega can help design and implement the perfect supply chain management solution to suit your unique needs.

Vulnerability & Security Assessments

Understanding what risks and vulnerabilities lie with your current IT infrastructure and how those risks could be prolonged or mitigated with potential changes is key to protecting your business interests and assets in the long-term.

Alpha Omega will help detect and suggest resolutions to any potential weaknesses within your organization's software and systems, to ensure future stability and prevent exploitation by hackers.

Anti-Tamper Software

Sometimes hackers aim to modify or adjust software to suit their own needs, but anti-tamper software can help protect your branded software should it fall into malicious hands. This ensures that your software application always functions as intended or completely shuts down if tampering is detected.

The experts at AO Tech will analyze weaknesses and engineer anti-tamper measures to protect your proprietary software from hacking and reverse engineering adjustments.