Government Services

Program Management and Contract Administration

Our Program Management focuses on program design, proper planning, and creating effective controls and management systems to achieve your mission. Our PMP professionals ensure highly productive and results-driven programs. Using an agile approach, we customize our solutions to meet your organization's needs.

Our Program Management Office offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Program Management Office Setup and Support
  • Development and Implementation of Integrated Project Plans
  • Scope and Requirements Management
  • Resource Planning and Analysis
  • Quality Control Plan
  • Risk Management
  • Project Monitoring and Control
  • Change / Configuration Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Set Up & Maintain Contract Files
  • Review Modification Requests
  • Review Invoices & Track Against Contract Budgets
  • Monitor Deliverable Submission
  • Review Contract Files for Inclusion of All Required Documents
  • Verify Proper Disposition of Government-Furnished Property & Equipment
  • Ensure Subcontracts are Settled by Prime
  • Ensure Completion of Contract Audit (if cost-type contract)
  • Review Contract Funds Status to Determine Excess Funds to be De-Obligated
  • Project Closeout

Alpha Omega Technologies, Inc's Management methods and practices meet program and organizational objectives while delivering noteworthy value and savings faster and more efficiently than traditional acquisition approaches. Our streamlined approach transforms acquisition, optimizes the delivery of programs, enhances value and savings, and ensures the effective alignment of requirements.

Alpha Omega Technologies, Inc supports:

  • Develop performance management reports
  • Formalized & delivered workforce training on category management
  • Designed and implemented Key Performance Indicators aligned to organizational and program objectives and created supporting guidance and training